Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 3 Recap

The divorce case played out this episode. The wife with the slacker husband bursts into the hotel room with her mother and Cheok Hee. Imagine their surprise when the husband was not trysting with another woman but planning an anniversary party for his wife. This gesture seemed eradicate her negativity about her slacker husband. That did not compute to me. The most interesting moment was when the daughter told her mother to proceed with her own divorce. Nice to see the daughter see put her mother’s happiness before the concept of married parents.Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) is not liked at the law firm. She agrees to a vote. If the majority of the team wants her fired, she’ll leave willingly. She tries to make nice with her coworkers but it is tough. She also doesn’t have the basic skills of an office manager and makes mistakes. This is actually one of the plot points that made her more interesting and human. At the end of the show she goes to file divorce papers. Unfortunately she does not know the mechanics of how to do that. She fails to get the papers notarized and has the papers thrown at her. Down to the floor the papers go. The father of Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) spots her and steps on the papers causing further embarrassment. When our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin), sees her mistreated he goes to step in but his boss Min Gyu tells his father to stop bothering his newest staff member. Dad is not happy about that revolution. When Jung Woo joins the discussion Min Gyu tells him he should have protected his employee. As Min Gyu tells Cheok Hee to come with him, Jung Woo puts his hand on her wrist to stop her. She is pulled between the two men. Jo Soo A (Wang Ji Won) spots Jung Woo holding Cheok Hee’s wrist and is not happy.What made Cheok Hee seem more human was the reveal of her guilt of agreeing to her mother’s dying wish. What was the wish? That Cheok Hee become a laywer. To that end, her mother gave her medical treatment money to Cheok Hee so she could pay for tuition for school. Immediately after Cheok Hee paid for her tuition, she wanted the money back but the school would not refund the money. She returned to the hosptial to find her sister, Ko Mi Hee (Kim Yul) livid at what she had done. Cheok Hee stole her mother’s life. Unfortunately their mother’s last breaths interrupted their argument. Mi Hee viewed her actions the same as “killing” their mother and has never forgiven Cheok Hee. The guilt of caving to her mother’s wishes also racks Cheok Hee with guilt.When Jung Woo happens to visit her apartment on the day Cheok Hee and her father remember the anniversary of her mother’s death, everyone became more genuine. Jung Woo learned of her past relationship with her mother and sister.

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