Everyone's problem

Its everyone's problem. It is not just the problem of the excluded, the hated, the poor, the victims of violence or of sexual harassment, the unemployed, the disabled or even the criminals. It is the problem of mankind, our fallacy, we the people's fault. There are many who do not understand that. They still believe that the misfortune of others is not their problem. Not just the few who were lucky enough to never be the victim of anything think so. Not even only those who were hurt, even badly, but were able to overcome the pain and humiliation and succeed anyway. There are many who feel compromised by some "misfortune", and still think that the "misfortune" of others is none of their concern, or even worse, use their own traumas as a justification for hurting others. It all goes to show how much we got it wrong. When a black kid is killed by the police and people say that he must have done something to put himself in harm's way, or when it is implied that a rape victim provoked the rapist somehow, this kind of things just take us down a hopeless slipery slope, in which we are gradually able to justify more and more wrongdoing. When in spite of all the progress we have made, in spite of Voltaire, Franklin, Lincoln, Gandhi, Dr. King and so many others, in spite of all our scientific knowledge and our technology, we still can't treat one another decently, let no one wash in the cleaness of his or hers own hands. This is the state of mankind, the place where we all stand and should know that something is terribly wrong. I'm not saying that I know what we should do, I'm just saying that we must stop living in denial. If you are reading this then you probably belong to the more fortunate part of mankind. But if you think that makes you safe in any way, you are wrong. Things are going to get worse unless we start facing the problem. It is not just the "les miserables" that are in trouble, it is also us who still believe in this concept of have and have-nots.

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