K-Pop Artist of the Month (May 2015) SPEED

Our very first Artist of the Month is SPEED!!!!

@TaehyungKey I'm pretty sure you're a big fan of these guys :)

Who are SPEED?

SPEED is one of the groups from MBK Entertainment (formerly known as Core Contents Media).

SPEED is one of two sub-units from the group "Co-Ed School".

The female members of Co-Ed School branched off into the sub-unit "F-ve Dolls" whilst the male members branched off into the group "SPEED"


Current Members:

Jungwoo (Kim Jung-woo)

Yuhwan (Kim Yu-hwan)

Taeha (Oh Sung-jong)

Jongkook (Shin Jong-kook)

Sejoon (Park Sejoon)

Sungmin (Choi Sungmin)

(Another two members will be added with their next comeback)

Former Members:

Kwanghaeng (Lee Kwang-haeng)

Kangho (Park Yong-soo)

Noori (Kang In-oh)

Taewoon (Woo Ji-seok)


After their debut was postponed due to the activities of their label-mates "F-ve Dolls" they finally debuted in 2012 with the song "Lovey Dovey Plus".

The song was paying homage to T-ara's popular song "Lovey Dovey"

The song features ex-T-ara member Ryu Hwayoung and her sister 5dolls's Ryu Hyoyoung.

Current Discography


SPEED BY T-ARA - Single Album


Speed of Light - Single Album

Superior Speed - Album

Blow SPEED - Album


SPEED Circus - Mini Album

Zombie Party - Single Album

Look at Me Now - Mini Album (SPEED Circus Re-Package)

There won't be a review for every album as some of them are re-packages :)

We will continue to give information about SPEED throughout the month, things such as tracklists, album reviews, individual profiles, and more!

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