Meet the Tech That Helped Save People Buried by Rubble in Nepal

When the recent earthquake hit Nepal, many people who were buried under deep rubble were thought to have no chance. From above, people had no way of knowing where to dig, and even if they tried to clear the rubble, the chances of finding the people can be considered slim.


What is FINDER?


How does it work?

It uses microwave-radar technology to detect heartbeats of victims trapped in wreckage. Then, people know where to dig and can rescue them. This is how the four victims that were rescued by it in Nepal. They used the device to detect two heartbeats in two different buildings, and then commenced rescue operations with the help of search and rescue teams.

What else can it do?

It's able to find people buried under 30 ft of rubble, behind 20 feet of concrete, or across 100 feet of open space. This technology will be demonstrated on May 7th in Virginia, and then made commercially available for search and rescue teams for future situations like this one.

The only thing I really find slightly terrifying about this is what will they use it for when it comes to warfare? Because you know somebody will try to use it that way.

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