Q: My Friends Make Fun of My Singleness

Q: I don't think this necessarily a love question, but here it goes. Basically I'm one of the only single people in my group of friends. They're all in relationships of some sort. They always make fun of me for the fact that I'm single and joke about it, and I play along with the joke because sometimes it can be funny, but when I reassure them that I am in fact confident in being single, they definitely don't believe me. They laugh about it, and tell me I'm lying. It's getting annoying, because why would my friend be telling me I'm not confident with myself? And they're always implying I need a boyfriend to prove I'm confident. It doesn't help that I really like this guy, and I don't want them to think I'm dating him just to prove to them that I can get a boyfriend or something. I need help on trying to get them to stop because everything I do isn't working, and they don't believe me.

A. Leave your advice for this anon having trouble with her friends in the comment! :)

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