Intense Camping Breakfast - Must Try!

This is the kind of "hiking food" that is really meant for special occasion outdoor events, that might include hiking but only in particular situations! It's better for camping, car camping, or just a cookout, since you ideally need a good sized griddle, another pan, as well as a whole lotta food to get it right.


Supplies needed:

- griddle

- another pan for cooking bacon/sausage some before adding it to the mix

- spoon and bowl for batter

- at least two spatulas for flipping

Food supplies needed:

- eggs

- veggies and cheese (optional)

- bacon

- sausage

- potatoes (optional, if you want to add hashbrowns like me!)

- pancake batter (or, your favorite pancake recipe)

- syrup

- whipped cream (optional, I don't use this)

Then just follow along like in the video!

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