Broadway Goes Hollywood and It's Not That Bad

I have been lucky enough to see quite a few Broadway and off-Broadway productions, and can't seem to get enough of them . Here are a few of my favorite plays turned to film! Let me know what your favorites are (no, I still have never seen Chicago...)


I've seen this both as a theatre performance and as a film and I can honestly say because of the pure energy of the songs, it translates well either way!

West Side Story

I felt like this needs to be seen live. Yeah, the direction makes the dance scenes even more thrilling but there is something about this story that needs to fill a theatre!


I saw this first on Broadway and there is just no way to top it. At the end of the show everyone was dancing in the aisles with the actors and each character was perfectly cast. The film (both of them) didn't do much for me.


This movie was huge when it came out. It really made Broadway accessible again to anyone who didnt have a large theatre near them. I love both live and on film (though the band that sat on stage the entire time during the play is pretty hard to beat!)

My Fair Lady

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I haven't seen this play. I can recite the entire film if you want me to, but never got a chance to see it in the theatre.

Fiddler on the Roof

This is a classic in and out of the theatre but I highly recommend you seeing it at least once live!

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