21 Days of Sugar Detox and More Workout #2

Hey guys, have you decided to join the challenge with me? or started already? I hope all of you just start considering about doing it with me. Just think about it. You could think about it during the weekends and start next week. I think it's going to be a great mother's day gift for your mom, because all mothers on earth, including my mom, are dying to do something together with their children.

So, this workout is 21 minutes of Every Minute On the Minute. Let's call it EMOM.

We have 3 different movements, hollow body V-ups (or tuck), Burpees, and Double unders (or Single unders).

On your first minute, we start with 15 perfect V-ups. This time I want you to learn about hollow body position. Hollow body position isa gymnastic movement that helps you to engage your deep core muscles. One of my favorite coach Carl Paoli would share his knowledge about hollow body position.

If you are struggling with have good hollow body position, you could hold hollow body for 30 seconds and take a rest before the second minute start. But if you are comfortable with it and want to do more, let's do 15 reps of perfect V-ups or tuck crunch.

On the second minute, you are get to do my FAVORITE movement, BURPEES! I love burpees so much, I even have shirt with "I love burpees." You can call me a weirdo but I just love burpees.

Next movement is double unders. I don't want to brag about it but I'm pretty good at double unders. So, for me 50 DUs are not that hard for me, but if you are having problem with it, let's do 40 seconds of double under attempts. For 40 seconds you try double unders and take 20 seconds of rest before we start next movement.

Of course you can do single unders. I'm not sure that people can manage 150 single unders in 40 to 50 seconds, but aim for 150 and if it's impossible try to do 40 seconds of single unders.

If you are working out indoor or you just don't own a jump rope, you can do ropeless double unders or single unders too!

I hope you could enjoy this workout and give me some feedback :).

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