The Strange and Wonderful Art of Laura Zalenga

an awesome interview

She's an architecture student, who found love in photography, who has the best mentality behind why she creates art: because she enjoys it! Not only that, but listen to her advice for aspiring photographers (thought I think this advice could apply for everyone):

"Try out everything. Take thousands of photos and learn from your mistakes. Know what your goal is and believe in yourself. Get inspired by everyone and everything, but do not copy, but instead convert it to your own ideas. Don’t give up. Stay true to yourself. Have fun!"


1001 Strangers

In this project, Laura has one main goal: "Others collect stamps or shoes. I collect photos of strangers, I collect one minute of the life of a person who's name I'll never know."


Self Portraits

She also takes the most amazing self portraits, and says that experimenting with capturing your own face is one of the best ways to get to know yourself as a creative give it a try!!!

Twisted Body

"It combines two things I love: the minimalism of a simple grey wall and a plain body – and the fun of creating completely new forms in post production"


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