My Top 10 Kdrama Songs of All Time!

An OST can break or make a drama for me. If I fall in love with a song in a drama I will keep it until the end of time out of nostalgia and attachment. Here is the countdown of my favorite kdrama songs- 10) Answer Me 1997 OST: All For You by Seo In Guk and Eunji A great love ballad performed by my favorite couple of the year. 9) Dream High OST: Dream High by Various How can I not include the quintessential musical Kdrama of recent years? An all around powerful and feel-good song. 8) Heartstrings OST: You’ve Fallen For Me by Yong Hwa For a youth drama with music as its main theme, the OST for Heartstring is pretty low-key and forgettable. Personally though I’ve loved Yong Hwa’s songs from the OST and this song especially, as just hearing his voice is enough of a turn-on for me. 7) Scent of a Woman OST: Bluebird by Rottyful Sky I can’t vouch for the quality of the rest of this OST but I love this song in particular for when I need to immerse myself in memories of Scent of a Woman. This song starts out slow but give it a chance, it picks a lovely momentum towards the middle. 6) My Girl OST: Never Say Good Bye by Mario and Nasty Okay, My Girl might not have the best OST out there but I love this song just for the nostalgia it evokes in me. I dare you not to listen to this and become engulfed in memories of this timeless classic drama. “I’m still in love with you, hey!” 5) Soulmates OST: C’mon Through by Lasse Lindh Another trendy drama known for its memorable soundtrack. I think I can love this drama just for introducing me to Lasse Lindh’s music alone. There are many different songs both in style and mood used in Soulmates but my favorites ones are the jazz and lounge type such as this one - This is Not a Love Song by Nouvelle Vague 4) Coffee Prince OST: Across the Ocean by Azure Ray - Coffee Prince is well-known for being one of the top trendy dramas with an outstanding OST. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. I think one of the most amazing things about Coffee Prince OST is how unobtrusive is it to the drama, how quietly it blends into the story to create that perfect mood of summer nights….strong smell of coffee…and of course love taking hold of people’s hearts. 3) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST: Fox Rain by Lee Sun Hee I admit, I might be biased since My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is one of my favorite dramas ever, but I can’t imagine anyone not loving this wonderful, understated ballad (is it a bit too fast for a ballad?) Just listening to this song brings back so many wonderful memories of the drama and sends me on the verge of tears. No Min Woo’s contribution to the OST with the song Trap is almost equal in the level of awesome - 2) Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST: Wake Up by Sung Joon For a drama centered on rock bands I should expect nothing short of a masterpiece for a soundtrack. I wouldn’t really classify this OST as rock (more pop than rock definitely) but it’s still great on many levels. Sung Joon’s voice is both perfectly emotional and restrained in this song. Check out the full OST for gems like Lee Min Ki’s I’m Not In Love 1) Que Sera Sera OST: Wol Gwang by W & Whale I am seriously still obsessed with this song years after first hearing it in QSS. I haven’t bothered to translate the Korean lyrics but the song gives me visions of a sassy and strong-willed woman going through a hard period in her life and still finding ways of staying strong and happy. The song is a great mood setter as it is both melancholic and empowering. Another awesome song from the OST is Night Time by Alex Whew, this was a bit long! Please share, what are you favorite drama songs of all time?

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