Lazy Girl's Guide to Your Best Health

We already know this, but I'm a lazy girl. The ultimate day would be waking up around 10am, rolling out of bed only to lie on the couch for hours with a book. Even though I work out daily I am not a fan of sweating or putting in a lot of time to making my body toned and firm.

So how to I stay healthy with this attitude? I do things the lazy way, and here's how:

Bikini Body for Lazy Girls


Six Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People


The Lazy Girl Workout

Four moves

The Lazy Girl Inner Thigh Workout

this inner thigh workout

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Cutting Calories

This handy card

Skin Care Tips for Lazy Girls

These three easy tips

Lazy Girl Fashion Sense


Hi! I'm Amy Brown, and I love helping people start and maintain healthy, happy lifestyles.
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