Ed Sheeran Nearly Cries After Helping A Guy Propose

After Ed Sheeran noticed a guy in the crowd had been holding up a sign throughout the entire show, he finally invited him up on stage with his girlfriend.

Ed then passed the mic to the savvy dude, who perfectly began his speech with, “I’m just ~thinking out loud~ here…” Which, obviously, immediately had the audience screaming with excitement.

He then continued on with his proposal speech:

I’m just thinking out loud here, but you know I’ve met a lot of people in my days, and to come across someone so amazing, so talented, so beautiful inside and out that there was no way, no way I was gonna let her go. I thought to myself I better grab her, and hold on for dear life. But not with conditions, rules or regulations. But with a ring. A ring around her finger that represents the ring around my heart. And just then I realized that she loved me just as much, and thought I was just as amazing and beautiful as her. So God created everything on this green earth, but he only created one perfect answer for one perfect question. Baby, we found love right where we are.

Ed Sheeran himself then started to lose it, clapping and cheering for the couple as the guy got down on one knee, asking his girlfriend to be his wife:

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