Park Ji-min adjusts to life as winner

Park Ji-min held her first interview Tuesday since becoming the first winner of the singing-audition show “K-pop Star” on Sunday night, saying she wants to become an “inspirational singer.” The program’s first winner said that she wasn’t sure how she came up on top against her friend and fellow contestant Lee Ha-yi. “Lee Ha-yi is a better performer than I am. She just has that capacity to draw people in,” Park explained on SBS’ news program “Nightline”. The 15-year-old also said that the last seven months on the show have been some of the most grueling of her life. “To have to prepare a better show each week and the fact that I had to lose weight was really stressful,” Park said. As the big winner of the high-profile competition, the young star has some big decisions to make in the coming weeks. Park received 300 million won ($266,000) to help jump start her career and must now decide if she will sign with JYP, YG or SM entertainment agencies. By Carla Sunwoo Src: Korean Joongang Daily

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