What Happened in Homan Square?

I explained a bit about the black sites when the news first came out,this card

Warning: This stuff is pretty heavy, so if you don't want to read it, I suggest stopping now.

Recently, there have been 14 accounts given to The Guardian from people who were held in Homan Square--these accounts range in the level of abuse, but the bottom line is that people were treated incredibly wrongly at the hands of the police. And that's a problem. Most recently, Angel Perez described in detail the sexual assault he underwent while being forced to co-operate with a police sting that he wanted nothing to do with.

here, through The Guardian's feed

And now, of course, the police are fucking denying blanket violence in interviews, but they've already paid out half a billion to settle claims. If they wanted to stop this accused violence, they would have already had cameras installed everywhere so that you could provide us with a copy of the non-violent interviews.

Not only that, but no sworn statements from police officers saying that this hasn't happened have been given, which makes me think that so many of these tales are true. And that is shit.

This is beyond the level of just casual disturbing. How are these people still allowed to be on the street not to mention wearing a badge?

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