Amazing Plant Sculptures In Mosaiculture Festival in Montreal, Canada

Flowers are beautiful on their own, or used to create something else entirely. A whole wide range of plants are necessary in order to create a sculpture like the one above–with deer running to and fro, horses galloping through water, and a goddess-like giant Zen at the center of it all. You see can this incredible plant-based creation at the Mosaiculture Festival in Montreal, Canada.

“Land of Hope” is the theme being celebrated at this years plant sculpture festival. The theme is subjective to many meanings, but at its heart is meant to spread awareness about the importance of taking care of our planet. In order for these gorgeous, detailed, and unmatched sculptures to exist over one million plants are necessary. In order to keep our planet populated with greenery, we must reconsider how we are treating the planet on a daily basis.

Check out these incredible creations, which include upwards of 800,000 different plants carefully combined together to look like something else entirely.

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