At 16, You're Clueless

Basically, if you were born in 2000, you are absolutely clueless about life, because...

Before 2000, there was no Netflix. You had to go to Blockbuster and scour the perimeter looking for a movie, bypassing the middle aisles of B-movies from yesteryear.

You didn't get to experience both the hype and madness of Titanic in movie theaters.

If you have no idea what these three objects are in this image, then you have never had to deal with the agony of buying, losing, breaking, or over-writing anything critical in terms of book reports and school projects!

Before boy bands were 'it's just another boy band...', there was NKOTB, or New Kids On The Block. They WERE THEE BOY BAND! I can feel my heartbeat racing. OMG!

This movie sort of defines the 90s in a way that I can't really articulate. Just HULU the damn movie and you'll see why!

I have a twin brother. We are noting alike. I am divorced. Long story. But eager to tie the knot all over again. Love cool stories and Netflix. Chai tea lover.
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