Smoky Eyes for All Eye Shapes

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Look for your eye type below, and then follow the steps on how to make a perfect smoky eye.

Asymmetrical Eyes

- Make your smaller eye look lifted and larger! Do this by making the darker shade higher towards your brow bone on the smaller or droopy eye.

- For liner, trying using a kohl pencil to line your lower lash line, working from the outer corner inward three-quarters of the way, then trace your waterline with a cream pencil, to open your eyes to help combat the heavy top color!

Close-Set Eyes

- You want to make your eyes look like they're a little bit farther apart. Start this effect by putting iridescent shimmering color in the inner corners of both eyes.

- Use a medium color shadow on the rest of the eyelid, and only use a deeper shade in the crease!

- Line only from where your lashes thicken, and only on the inner rims so as not to push your eyes downward.


- Create depth by using a dark shadow applied in line with the curve of your eyeball.

- Start with a gray or bone color, then add a darker color from the outer corner, tapering it in as shown! Blend them with a medium shade.

- Line your top upper lash line thickly, and just swipe a waterproof liner along the bottom.

Wide Eyes

- Big eye lids means you can add a lot of color, so work with it!

- Use a medium to dark color from the lash line to crease and blend it. Then, add a browner to contour this into the crease to make it smoother and add some warmth.

Small Eyes

- Use light shades to keep your eyes looking wide!

- You won't use a dark color at all here; use a light shade from lashline to crease, then add a medium shade along the crease and outwards to elongate your eye.

- Use a nude waterproof eyeliner (especially on the bottom!!) to keep from closing off your eyes.

Almond Eyes

- Use a shimmery shade to make your eyes really pop!

- Then, use a bronzer to blend it out at the crease for the smoky look.

- Use the same shimmery shade along the lower lash line, too!

- Line the upper inner rim with black, and use a waterproof liner with a color similar to the shimmery shade on the bottom to draw more attention.

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