Can They See Your Fear?

"When you think of your biggest fear, don’t forget to imagine your greatest dream."

When we feel afraid, it obstructs and distorts everything around us--just like in this image. If we can see through or past it, nothing is quite what it seems, and it makes us feel like it's impossible to just pass by.

But when you take a step back into someone else's perspective, the fear becomes less obstructive and less visible, just like this work shows. See how the fear starts to disappear if you reinterpret the way you should look at it? Fear is sneaky and tries to trick us into ignoring or and letting it linger, but we always have control over how it affects us!

By facing our fears right on, they nearly disappear; only the outline remains, and it seems as if we could simply push right through this fear on to something greater; something beyond the trouble fear causes us, right?!

Always remember to put your fear into perspective, and try to confront it in many different ways. You never know what you'll find, and you may find that your fears aren't as difficult to face as you thought they were. Give it a try. You won't be sorry.

How else can you confront your fears?

Ryan Everson

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