Civic-Minded Jung Yonghwa Of CNBLUE volunteers to distribute food to the needy

CNBLUE singer and actor Jung Yong Hwa showed his sweet side by volunteering todistribute food and other essential items to more than 500 people in need last Tuesday, May 12, reports KPopHerald.

Yong Hwa spent his day with 60 other volunteers handing out the charity food and goods at the BC Card Love Sharing Festival held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Yong Hwa is a model for BC Card, a payment processing company headquartered in Seoul and the main organizer for the charity event

.Fans cheered on the idol for finding time in his busy schedule to personally distribute the items. He has been spotted increasingly in the Chinese Mainland, appearing in concerts and sitcoms.

Over the weekend, Yong Hwa made a surprise appearance at the JJ Lin concert held in Beijing. Yong Hwa and JJ Lin collaborated on the song "Checkmate" included in the former's solo album One Fine Day which was released in January. The duo performed the song on stage.

Yong Hwa scored a cameo role in the Chinese online mini-series Diors Man. When asked about his casting, show runners noted that the idol has been gaining popularity among Chinese viewers.

As for his band, Yong Hwa and the rest of CNBLUE recently held a live concert in Osaka and Yokohama before a jam-packed crowd of more than 35,000 fans to mark the release of their ninth Japanese single titled "White"

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