Age-Defying Jonathan

Jonathan isn't a human. He's a world-extinct Seychelles tortoise. Estimated to be 183 years old, this blind and friendly giant lives on an island in the South Atlantic, leaving many, myself included, to wonder how in the world did he get there?!

According to his team of caretakers, Jonathan uses his hyper sense of sound to meander the property toward the tennis courts. I suppose the audio vibes of sweaty humans grunting and screaming, intermixed with the sound of tennis balls thucking back and forth are quite the entertainment.

The oldie-but-goodie heavyweight loves a salad bar as he gets fed apples, celery, carrots, and a smattering of other fresh green things that you hardly ever see at Souplantation. Such a sweetie!

I have a twin brother. We are noting alike. I am divorced. Long story. But eager to tie the knot all over again. Love cool stories and Netflix. Chai tea lover.
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