A product guide to fluorescence and Photoluminescence

Above Photo: Glow Paint Industries 250ml UV Neon Face and Body Paints.

Black lights emit UV Ultraviolet light that cannot be seen by humans

ultraviolet light

It works in the way of one colour in one colour out.

Fluorescent Paintsblack light

Above Photo: Bonapartes bar in W.A Australia.

Fluorescent Face and Body Paints

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Above Photo: A painting that was painted for a New Years Eve Glow Party.

Above Photo: Fluorescent Paints used on walls at a home Glow Birthday Party.

Above Photo: Green Glow in the dark Christmas tree.

Green glow in the dark Pigments mixed with paint and then applied to a Christmas tree

glow in the dark

Common Questions

Q) Should Fluorescent Paints be used outdoors?

A) Fluorescent Paints will work fine outside but over a number of years the paint will fade in colour. Fluorescent Paints are best used indoors.

Q) Is there a black, Gold, Silver or Gray Fluorescent paint?

A)No all these colours do not have fluorescent properties.

Q) Are black lights dangerous?

UV Blacklights

Q) What type of Black Light do I need for a Fluro Party?

A) To light a large area we recommend getting a 400W UV Black Light cannon. You can get these UV black lights from your local d’j supplies shop. Most d’j shops rent and sell their range of black lights.

Types of Black Lights

Black Light LED panels

UV Black Light Tubes

Black Light bulbs

The type of UV Black light you buy will determine how well the paints work under UV Black light.

Above Photo: Pro black lights for large events.

Above Photo: 12 Volt DC UV Black Light

Is Glow in the dark the same as fluorescence?

Glow in the dark pigmentsGlow pigments

Face and Body PaintsUV reactive paints

This is why

Face and Body Paints

3) They are expensive

4) They have limited colours

5) To have a good glow effect these paints need large glow powder particle sizes. This makes them look like sandpaper.

Other useful information about Fluorescence in general

Is there Organic Fluorescent things in nature?

Yes some flowers have UV Properties which helps bees and other small insects find flowers.

Fluorescent rocks and minerals

Some rocks and minerals will fluoresce when near a black light.

Above image owned by: Hannes Grobe (Hgrobe 06:16, 26 April 2006 (UTC)) - Own work

Fluorescent minerals.

Above image owned by Didier Descouens - Own work

Fluorescing fluorite from Boltsburn Mine Weardale, North Pennines, County Durham, England, UK

Above Photo: Parrots under UV Black Lights.

Do animals see Fluorescence?

Neon lures

Budgies under UV Black light.

Our uv fluorescent face and body paints

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Our glow in the dark powders

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