This Teen Model is Here to Redefine Beauty

Madeline Stuart, an 18-year-old from Brisbane, Australia, is ready to change the world. When she was born with Down syndrome, the doctors told her mother that she wouldn't achieve anything in life. Madeline is here to prove everyone very, very wrong.

In 2014, Madeline started to feel self-conscious and unhappy, so she decided to make a change. She started playing sports and eating healthier and ended up 40 pounds lighter. Her confidence went through the roof and she is now determined to start shaking up the world with her inside and out beauty.

"I was very overweight and decided I needed to change my lifestyle and eating habits so I would live a long healthy life. Now I have decided I would like to help others to also achieve this..."

- Madeline wrote on


She believes that the reason people are still shocked or confused by people with Down Syndrome is because, even though there are over 400,000 people with this genetic condition in the United States alone, they are incredibly under represented in media. She says that "exposure will help to create acceptance in life," so she wants to be the first step in that direction.

You go Madeline!

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