Armani Exchange

Yesterday after a long day, I decided to walk around the city, and of course in NY you can't really walk a whole block without running into a cool store. I came across an AX store and realized I had never been into one, so I ventured in. I must say this place is idyllic, costumer service is fantastic, prices are high but still affordable and it is kept perfectly clean and organized. Although this was all wonderful, it's not why I'm writing about this store. While I was in there I tried on a bodycon black velvet dress with a metallic exposed zipper all the way down the front, needless to say this dress was stunning. I tried it on very scared, since bodycon is usually very unforgiving, but what happened? It fit and looked amazing, the shape and cut was beautifully done, no flaws at all. Just another proof that the Armani name is not in vane, the clothes are gorgeous and fit like a glove.

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