7 Times Kanye Dressed like a Final Fantasy Character


holy crap Kanye West seriously has dressed like one of our fine, fashionable Final Fantasy characters so many times.

Kanye West as Setzer Gabbiani, Final Fantasy VI

Kanye West as Sazh Katzroy, Final Fantasy XIII

Kanye West as a member of the Yuke tribe, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Kanye West as Seifer Almasy, Final Fantasy VIII

Kanye West as Layle, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Kanye West as a Bard, Final Fantasy Tactics

Kanye West as Umaro, Final Fantasy VI

OKAY, so it's really not a perfect match, but it's still pretty funny considering Kayne West has his own video game, and maybe, well, just maybe he did this all intentionally. You're welcome?

Three turns should do it! -Hermione
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