14 Things Every Cyclist Loves

Riding with a tailwind

Somedays you spend a lot of time fighting the wind, but when you turn around things tend to change a little bit. Riding a tailwind makes you feel like you went pro overnight. The only thing better than a tailwind is when the wind changes directions so you get a tailwind on the way out and the way back. On those days you'll feel like Lance, without the drugs.

Reaching the Top of a Climb

Whether you love climbs or you avoid them at all costs, there is something magical about reaching the top of the climb. You might be exhausted, but you also feel exhilarated. Whether is a climb in the French alps or a bridge in Florida, you'll feel good once you are at the top.

Friendly Competition

Grouping up with friends and enjoying a ride is one thing, but it feels even better to have some friendly competition every once in awhile. Sometimes it's fun to see who can get to a certain point first, or if you can drop one another.

Green Lights in Traffic

We all know the feeling of having to wait at traffic lights and the effort of getting up to speed once more. There is nothing better than catching a green light without even having to miss a pedal stroke. Now, if only we all had the tech from the Netherlands that makes traffic lights change for cyclists!


France is to cyclists as mecca is to muslims. Well...maybe not that extreme.

The cycling may be good near you, but France is the real gold standard. The Alps, the Pyrenees, it doesn't get much better than that.

New Bike Clothes

There is a special place in our hearts for great looking cycling kits. You'll always have your favorites (unless you wear them out) but there is always, I mean always room for more cycling kits.

Light Things

Whether we want to admit or not, we love light things. It doesn't matter if we've been told 50 times that aerodynamics is more important than shaving off grams. Light accessories puts a little bit of a smile on your face.

The Sound of a Freehub

Whether it's the sound of swarm of angry bees from a Chris King hub, or just a quite hum, cyclists love the sound of a free hub. Sometimes we just stop pedaling to hear the beautiful sound, but not for long. You need to keep pedaling!

When You Try a New Route and it Works!

Whether its a 50 mile excursion into uncharted territory or just a side street you've never ridden, trying a new route is an amazing feeling. Of course it can be scary at first, even intimidating, but when everything works out you'll feel great!

New Bar Tape

Nothing makes your bike feel like new more than a good cleaning and some new bar tape. Simple as that.

Beating Other Riders on the Road

It might not be the Olympic final but every victory counts. Even if they aren't racing, or getting back from a century ride, it doesn't matter. Passing other cyclists will make you feel good about yourself.

Getting passed is another story.

Personal Bests

If you can get them than KOMs are great, even getting on the leaderboard is cause for celebration, but those don't come that often.

Personal bests are a way to track your own personal improvement. You can see if you had a good ride if you betting your personal bests! Even if it's just a few seconds you'll feel great!


Do I really need to explain why?

The Post-Ride Ritual

Whether it's a shower, bath, or sitting on the toilet looking at Strava, we all have our own post-ride rituals. And we love them.

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