Listen to New York City in 3D

We all know about 3D image, which makes us feel like we are a part of the scene of an image and it simulates a reality; 3D audio has the same concept. With 3D audio, sound isn’t flat. We are able to hear sounds from the foreground, background, above us, below us, and around us. We are also able to hear passing noises, volume shifts, and noise details. 3D sound uses a binaural recording for their cool audio effect. The binaural recording takes sound and processes it in a way we can hear just as we should if were actually existing in that reality. This shouldn't be confused with surround sound, which uses multiple stereos to emulate, well, surrounding sound.

In 1881, Clément Ader invented the théâtrophone, a telephonic system. Sounds were transmitted to separate channels designated for each ear. He used the théâtrophone during a performance at the Paris Opera. This was the birth of the 3D audio.

You'll need headphones to hear the 3D audio. Welcome to NYC -- 3D audio style.

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