Would You Wear Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses has been around for years and it was made popular by Japanese street fashion trendsetters and K pop idols. If you think this is like your average colored lenses then you're wrong. The main difference is the diameter of circle lenses are larger. As a result, you get doll-like eyes and bigger pupil. It comes in different colors and diameter size. It really depends on your desire effect.

Circle Lens Care:

Store them in your normal lens case. You should always soak your circle lens in contact lens solution for 8 hours before use to avoid irritation (so plan ahead). In addition, you should wash it before and after use. Circle lenses normally have a life span of 6 months. Don't keep them longer than that!

If you google circle lens you'll probably find a list of circle lens providers. People mainly wear them for cosplay but you can easily incorporate it in your daily makeup routine without looking overdone. Check out this Youtuber's review and see how she uses it!

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