Finals Week Outfit Ideas

No time to plan what to wear for finals? Here are three inspirations I put together for different situations. Study hard and nail your exams. :)

Library Lounging

Truth is coffee shop will be crowded and your dorm will be distracting. The best (free) place to camp out before your next final is the library. You'll want to dress comfortable but not too relaxed you'll fall asleep. Pack your books in a tote and don't forget to stay hydrated.

Presentation Ready

Got a presentation to for finals week? Boost your confidence and improve your audience's impression of you with a polished and put-together outfit. Keep things simple by pairing a neutral tone blazer over a crew neck chiffon top. Wear a watch to time your presentation.

Final Battle

Some finals can take as long as 3 hours, so you want to dress in your favorite comfy staples. I like to keep my footwear simple by throwing on a pair of platform sandals to free my soles. Try to avoid carrying a big backpack because all you need is two pencils, study notes and your wallet.

How do you dress for finals? Share your thoughts!

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