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I'm still alive! Let's say I was quite busy in the last few weeks setting up my new website, Crombz.com. I haven't post much on my blog or elsewhere, too busy tweaking and fiddling some HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a new kind of website interface. Anyway, the website is getting more and more popular and I'm quite happy about it. Beside enduring compatibility with different browsers and making sure that bugs are squashed, I do some short videos from time to time to show my progress and new features I've added. In this video, I'm making a quick tour of Cormbz.com. The initial version was getting too messy and I had to redesign everything as I wanted to create sub-sites of Crombz, each dedicated to a specific category. The main site is showing videos about vloggers. At the same time, I wanted to create another one for Minecraft related videos and another for Best Fails videos. Those two categories are quite popular on YouTube so they are used to increase the traffic and attract more viewers to the main site. Check it out! http://crombz.com http://minecraft.crombz.com http://bestfails.crombz.com Leave your comments and share with your friends.

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