Two Poets I Love, Reading Their Poems

Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton; both of them have poems that really resound with me, and both have a style of reading that I love to listen to! If you haven't taken the time to listen to them read yet, you should really take the time.

Both of these poems happen to be about depression (of sorts) and sort of sad things, but the way they read them so openly really shows a different side of darkness in life and life in death.

"The vampire who said he was you and drank my blood for a year - seven years if you want to know."

In this poem, Sylvia is talking about three things: her father, her bastard (cheating!) husband and her depression. When her beloved father dies at ten, she became depressed and this depression haunts her her whole life. She marries a man that reminds her of her father after she tries (and fails) to kill herself, and her husband cheats. She later ends her life.

I just think Anne Sexton gives such a fresh perspective on what it means to be sad and to have depression and to feel the want to die---it's not that people who want to die don't understand death, it's just that they believe they are ready for it.

Who are you favorite poets? Anybody else a Plath fan?

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