Flash Finger Top8 in April, 2015

감사합니다! 더 열심히 하라는 응원이라고 생각하고 계속해서 트랙릴리스, 디스커버리 라디오, 플래시프라이데이, 그리고 디스커버리 파티를 꾸준히 진행하겠습니다. 더불어 앞으로 공개될 플래시핑거 티비 에도 많은 관심 가져주세요.

Huge thanks! I'll keep going for release new tracks, Discovery Radio, Flash Friday and Discovery Party. And support new coming 'Flash Finger TV'

#FlashFinger #Top10DJs #SouthKorea #ASIA #DiscoveryMusic

DJ / Producer / Vocal / Founder @ Follow Discovery Music Records Facebook : www.facebook.com/DiscoveryMusicRecords Soundcloud : @DiscoveryMusicRecords Twitter : www.twitter.com//DiscoveryMusicRecords @ Follow flashfinger Facebook : www.facebook.com/theflashfinger Twitter : www.twitter.com/flashfinger Visual by VJ MecFlow @ Contact Discovery Music E-Mail : discoveryrec@naver.com (KOR) E-Mail : discoverymusicrecords@gmail.com (USA) ℗ & 2016 Discovery Music
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