New Roller Coasters to Scream On in 2015


When I was younger, my family went on a vacation where we went to a bunch of amusement parks for two weeks, and I think it might be time to do this again--to new amusement parks!

Batman: The Ride, Texas

I can't decide if this is my worst nightmare or if it looks really, really fun. Guess I'll have to go try it to find out!

Fury 325, North Carolina

This is the world's tallest and fastest "gigacoaster" and it looks pretty awesome.

Bourbon Street Fireball, Maryland

"You’ll rock back and forth in a uniquely designed train that will reverse direction mid-loop," the park says on its website. "Then, you’ll hang suspended upside down just long enough to catch your breath, this fireball will shoot you through a series of heart pounding full-circle revolutions."

Impulse, Pennsylvania

Impulse opens this summer at Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, which is within driving distance of my hometown so I'm in.

Cannibal, Utah

Cannibal opened last month at Lagoon Park in Farmington, Utah, and it looks insane. I don't know if I would like that drop or despise it, considering I don't usually like steep drops that feel like I'm free falling...hmm...

Thunderbird Steel Roller Coaster, Indiana

This is the world's first "launched wing roller coaster" AKA it launches you and you hang over the track all at once. Yep.

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