Real Recipes for the Imaginary Foods of Fiction

Ever wonder what Butterbeer might have tasted like, or wanted to get your hands on a Krabby Patty from the world of Spongebob?


might not have been

Here's a few of my favorite recipes I came across on the site so far:

Butterbeer (from Harry Potter)

I have also tried the Butterbeer at universal, and didn't find it to be my favorite thing in the world (though it was delicious). This has a stronger butter and ale flavor, and I think it's more in line with what might have really been enjoyed at Hogwarts :)

Recipe here!

Krabby Patty (from Spongebob Squarepants)

Krabby Patties are like the center of Bikini Bottom, so I was beyond tempted to create and try these delicious creations.

Recipe here!

Ent-Draught (from Lord of the Rings)

I would have honestly NEVER thought to make this one, until I saw the recipe! Once I got the idea in my head that I could try the drink made by the Ents, well, then I needed to try it, too. It's basically just a really delicious tea. But like, really, really delicious.

Recipe here!

Food Through the Pages

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