K-Pop Artist of the Month: SPEED - Album Review: Look at Me Now

Ok, so just because SPEED re-release a lot of songs on some of their albums I won't be reviewing every album, as I would just be giving superfluous information about songs I have already reviewed.


1. Look At Me Now

2. Zombie Party

3. Don't Tease Me

4. Why I Am Not?

5. Focus (Taewoon Solo)

6. Hey My Lady

1. Look At Me Now

So is it wrong that I want to dance in a desert, or somewhere with a lot of sand after watching this? Well either way I don't really care XD

I really enjoyed this song, the beat, the vocals, the rapping, everything was great! Plus their dancing was on point!


Especially that footwork, that was some classy ish.

I think I'd probably just fall over after twisting my ankle though...


(Not in heels obviously XD)

2. Zombie Party

Okay so something I feel you should all know is that I'm not really a fan of zombies in any way I never jumped on the whole walking dead bandwagon, so I wasn't totally expecting to like this MV... But I was so surprised I totally Loved it!!! The dancing, the song, the rapping (especially the rapping), even the throat slitting sound effect, I rocked out to the whole thing XD

So overall catchy, fun, crazy, just a little bit weird... But according to some people so am I, so I can totally deal with that ;P

3. Don't Tease Me

I love this song, I bought it a while back, and it was actually my introduction to SPEED. This is one of those songs I feel like I have to listen to at least twice every time. Call me weird if you wish, but I feel the need to have a pair of boots like Taewoon in this song! Wouldnt mind the whole outfit actually, I'd totally rock that XD

I added the dance version as well just so you could all appreciate the awesomeness XD

If you're only going to watch one of them watch the dance practice, you'll see why near the end of the song... just trust me its worth it ^^

4. Why I Am Not?

I seriously cannot fault this song, I'm not crazy about those teardrop things Taewoon has on his face, but I'm willing to let that go, with how much I love the song :D

I know it probably sounds a little like I'm over praising this whole album, but It's seriously just so darn good! I cannot get over how much I love the beat of this song, and by now I'm sure you all know how I feel about rap ^^

5. Focus (Taewoon Solo)

Coarse Language, and high levels of awesomeness

Not the best MV, but this song, I love it so much, Fanman level 100% and keeping that ish classy, or at least trying too, honestly if my dad walked in on me listening to this song, he'd probably think I

had issues XD

my only criticism is it's too darn short :'(

Side note: I got a little sidetracked when I was making this card, and ended up searching for Taewoon's mixtape... I was supposed to post this yesterday, but in my search it got too late... oops XD

6. Hey Ma Lady

This song has a slight swing, almost jazzy feel to it, I love that. For me its the perfect song to round out the album, just the right amounts of rap, singing, and overall awesomeness XD

So I know I had nothing but good things to say about this album, but what do you guys all think? Let me know ^^

If anyone would like to be a part of the K-Pop Artist of The Month activities just let me know :)

Credit to the owners of these videos and gifs @PassTheSuga your awesome gif work inspired me to use a few... got lazy and only ended up using two though XD) :D

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