Yankie ft Loco, Tablo, & Zion T.__Sold Out MV

EYE LOVE THIS!!!!!! Cuhh--rayzay good!! I can't wait for lyrics to this. That beat and the hook.....it's got an infectious groove fo' sho. All over it....song of the week.


I gotta say it..... LOCO<3333 I just LOVE this man. His tone....his flow....he's so good. Tablo is just....he's just Tablo. He's on his own level. Zion T. rocking the blonde braids and the cowboy hat....he's cooler than I can ever hope to be. Yankie doin his thang....keepin it fresh. Mr. Park had to make a cameo of course as did Kang Hye-jung aka Tablo's wife....she's such a fox js. I love love love this MV. Watched it five times already. Its a partayyy.....lol I have problems.


Anyway what did y'all think? Anyone else a fan of this??

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