CheongDamDong Alice (Korean Drama) Ep.3-LIVE Recap

Hi guys~:D I'm new recaper who gonna start recapping of CDD Alice! This drama is quite popular with exciting scenario:) All of my friends in Korea like this drama very much! Hope u guys enjoy and follow me if u want to subscribe continually ;) Then see ya tmr! Se Kyeung says "Tell me how u reached there..! I came to have a hope. Everybody says each have each status since we've got born. I thought it was right, but I saw the only exception. You." In the meanwhile, Seung Jo is talking how he met his ex-girlfriend, Yoon Ju, again. But he says "Just cry. It'd be better." Se Kyeung says "You had no much difference with me. If u reached there, so can I. Cuz you will help me. No, you must help me." Walking by, Se Kyeung gets a call which his bf was imprisoned. And Dong Euk, who is SJ's friend and doctor at the same time, tries to help Seung Jo by conseling him but SJ refuses it. While crying in the car, he sees SK fighting with her bf. "Did u come to charge him? Even if he did sth wrong, her mom passed away. Plz wait for a moment." Coming out from funeral, SK asks a secretary to drop charges against her bf. He says "I will try to tell my president." Seung Jo was learning Yoga with father, then he sees somebody is taking pic behind him. He tracks him. "Who asked u to do this?", SJ asks. At that night, Yoon Ju gets a message from SJ which says he moved in front of her home, and he gonna visit her unless she comes to his home. "I've thought of revenge since u threw me away. After being richer and cooler, I swore I'd make u regret." YJ says "I acknowledge u became cooler but I don't regret. Do u think I left u just because you became poor? You've not changed at all. At that time, you had confidence about ur status but you didn't care about me at all..! Are you still shocked about my behavior? I told u this is just business. This is reason why can't do it, cuz you're just immature child." Coming out from his home, she gets call from younger brother. "SK and SJ has no relation.", he says. SK says "That's fortunate. Find about SK more." In the meanwhile, SK struggle to find how to help her bf. She writes a letter to president of ARTEMIS. Next morning, secretary in ARMIS transfer the letter to SJ, president of ARTEMIS. It says 'Hi, I'm SK. I'm his ex-gf. You'd feel bad about getting the letter. I'm sorry for me to do this.. I don't know u actually. I don't know how to apologize u..but I know that ur life have been not easy like mine. I said goodbye with him because of money, and this is the only thing I can do for him. I can't cure her mom and pay debt for him.. I thought the opposite saying of I love you was I don't love you. But now I realize the opposite saying is I have nth I can do for you. So I said goodbye to him. This is all I can do for him and for you..I know this is so little to cover loss of company. But I'd be so thankful if u see this as my time and efforts and forgive my bf' And there's her bankbook and stamp. Looking it, SJ sees how she has saved the money for years for her dream. He criesm, being moved by her. Crying alone, he says "You're wrong YJ. There's a love still." Coming out from office, he orders "Drop charges against So In Chan. Right now!" President and workers of ARTEMIS visit In Chan's funeral. He comes in with worker's introducing. Seeing his coming, SK comes to know SJ is president of ARTEMIS. Giving back her bankbook, SJ says "SK, money can't take off ur love..Plz keep loving with her."..............This is SJ's imagination. He's making story by himself. "SK, do you think it's a fool thing to protect lover by his side? No..the needed thing for u guys is just each other.", he's preparing what he gonna say to SK. At the moment he's going to go to see SK, SK visits him. SJ gets disappointed about it. He gets SK's presents and compare it with secretary Mon. He gets disappointed again because his is smaller than Mon's. SJ runs to catch SK. "Hey, don't u have to feel thankful more about president than secretary?" SK says "Why do you have it? This bracelet is the thing I made for the first time..! So give it to president..!" SJ tries to give back SK's bankbook but she refuses. "I can't take this. Even if this is precious for me, I can't take this," SJ gets angry, "Just take this! President would give this to you for wishing you keep your love!" SK says "Why you behave like u're president?! I can't take this! I feel sorry for him!" Then she walks away. SK comes home, and family discuss because of the poor fianance. "It'd be better for you to stand surety.." But SK says "I can't. I won't let you to use my name. Just sell this house and pay the debt." But family disagree strongly. SK says "I already have another debt for my school expenses. I can't borrow more.." SJ feels happy about handmade bracelet from SK. And YJ picks up a paper in personal safe. Next morning, SJ calls In Chan who is SK's bf. "You'd be hard to get a new job because the news spread. Go to this office then you will get new job. And this, give back this to SK. SK has been so hard for you." 'Now it's time to say thank you finally..!', he says in his mind. In Chan says "Thank you.." Getting moved, SJ says "Plz keep ur love..". At that night, he feels happy for helping SK and In Cheun and celebrates it. Next day, SJ checks if In Chan went to the office he introduced. Suddenly secretary Mon comes in and says "In Chan..he....!" SJ waits for SK and asks "Didn't u get back ur bankbook from IC? I heard he went to Brazil today. It seems he prepared for new job before. Maybe he would lend from you because of emergency." SK gets shocked but pretends she's ok. "It's ok..the backbook does not belong to me already since I gave it to the president." She walks and SJ follows her behind. She gets a message from IC. 'When u get this message, I'd be in Brazil. I was thinking of giving back ur bankbook, but I just paid back for my debt. I want to start again in a new world. Hope u live well..I will live well..bye.' SK cries.. In home, SK sees YJ is in her home. "Did you come to answer me?" YJ says "Yeah, I came for it. First, this. This is all money I can give for you, and keep ur belief and love." SK says "How much can u give me more? My family is in trouble. IC lived hard..but all thing he has is debt. And me..I've lived only for getting job. But I realized designer requires sense which I have to have since I've got born. Can u give this all for me? How can I keep my love with this? There's no love..IC left me without any basic manners because of money..Then, what? Keep my belief and love? Hey..what do you know about me? The great person changes world, but I'm different. If I can't change the world, I'd change myself. I want to have the clothes and buy all the masterpiece.! I will live like you to meet the rich guy and be wife in CheongDamDong" SK says "Hey, you didn't hear second answer. Here it is. This has all answers how I got into CheongDamDong." In the meanwhile, SJ also cries. "I thought it would be extince..But there is a girl still..She made me cry.." Preview of Ep.4) YJ says to SK "You don't know what gonna happen from now on.. Let's start." And SJ's friend asks to SJ "Do you like her?"

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