LUSH Bath Bombs

Nothing feels better than a hot bath with my favorite scented bath bombs. I'm the kinda girl to go a little nuts at LUSH--looking at everything, wanting everything in sight! Are you the same way? If so, here's a cool way of making your own LUSH-inspired bath bombs to cut costs and savor for later!

Things Ya Need

1 Cup baking soda

1/2 Cup cornstarch

1/2 Cup citric acid

1/2 cup epsom salt

2 1/2 tsp essential oil (for fragrance)

3/4 tsp water

2 tsp coconut oil

Few drops food coloring

Plastic bubble ornament (mould shape)

This is a perfect gift idea too for all your girlfriends, mom, etc. But as a gift for yourself--THE BEST! <3

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