'We Got Married' LIVE RECAP EP148

See you soon everybody ~ Next week's special guest is jung yong hwa in CN blue. Also 'We Got Married', this program will be aired every saturday in MBC 5.10 PM. :) So would you want to see me, come here !! actually...not me...kkkkk you want to see these couples !!! I'm sorry for being late.... I went to PC room to live recap for we got married but... my DMB didnt work well. Anyway let's start. In GH SH couple's housewarming party. Love triangle Gwang hee and sunhwa and si ywan. kkkk He said Sunhwa is really appealing !! GH: What? but you're my wife ! She asks GH for walking with guests. GH: um.. it's like a wedding then I will face my bride you know usally father carries her daughter to groom. SH:Please defeat him kkkk( Then guests' role is guarding SH?) Anyway finally they enter the house. It's time to come secret (SH joined in this Girl group) You know hyo seung? kkk GH is really expected at this time! Secret member When gwang hee introduces hyo seung in secret, he feels crazy kk saying like ' She is beatuiful and has fantastic figure over Sunhwa' anyway she dances very well. The atmosphere is like meeting ! Before entering the house, GH says 'In the house, there are famous actors and singers like jung young ha, teak yeon like that. ' Julien se ah couple ! Maybe this time camping ! While cooking the food, they say 'I'm hungry' at the same time. So SA says "jji jji bbong" (In korea, if someone says samething at the same time, we usually say 'jji jji bbong) And the other person say upside down like bbong jji jji SA:it's my first time to go camping Julien: Really? Wow today you did so many first things like bumjee jumping and camping... SA:Then what about you? Julien:Actually when I was in Canada, I usually used to go camping. SA:With who? Julien: ....um with my friends SA: with girlfriend? Julien also get embrassed. just one time SA get depressed because these things are the first to her but for julien...he did all the things alreaday So julien says but camping car is my first time !!!! Suddenly he take out the letter from his parents. Letter says: To sa ah. Live happily Im so sorry for living far from you. Anyway really thanks for your food ! ohohoh kkkk really really delicious food. They also say the samething at the same time. This time julien did jji jji bbong wow adapt so fast Lee joon and yeon seo couple ! His mother watched the scene in the beach so she wants to do that....Titanic.... But umm as a view of yeon seo.. It seems little excessive... While cooking the food, his mother wants to see Yeon seo's dance when she was a singer in 10 years ago. Interview YS: i'm really hard... i even don't show it to my parents.. but lee joon: Oh really really perfect really cute.. (YS is tryin to be nice to his mother) Mother : As you show me the dance, I will dance to you umm the genre is sexy ! (Nobody can stop his mother!) kkk Interview: To provide a differentiated service, I tried sexy dance. I forgot this motion alive eyebrow. kkk but this time, she wants to act theatre of situations, typical television farce like a role play. Role: frightful mother in law. Mother : Hey. i thinks these food is too salty ! YS: Oh i'm sorry mother i will cook the food less salty in the future. LJ: yes,, this time is your fault (ㅜNㅜ WHAT? You can't say that.... even it is a role play.. but she is your wife) YS: Anyway mother, you're so graceful so even you act like strict to me, but it doesn't work ..you're so merciful. Mother:Yes..i m merciful..kkk oh you have grown up so much. cute mother. His mother brings the video that when she filmed his son in his childhood. cute cute lee joon. He recalls childhood memories and he decides that I will raise my child like this. Mother : yes anyway live life to the full. I think i overstayed here. YS:No no mother, I'm really happy with you. If I see you later again, could I say um ma(In korea, really close mother we usally say um ma) to you? Mother: Sure, let's practice now. YS: umma~ Mother: Oh my daughter, next time, we meet i private except my son. YS: Sounds great ~ Anyway mother goes to her house. YS smoke and joke. LJ:Good job my wife. Do you want anything to eat? or do? YS Then let's meet at the out side not this variety show. kkk At that time, a ring at the bell Who comes to the house? Maybe next time ! Finish :) Anyway I'm really sorry for being late ㅜnㅜ I will be more cautious in the future ♡ Please have a heart >.~

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