Brooch and Faux Bouquet

Found this stunning bridal bouquet made of faux flowers and an assortment of gold and faceted jeweled brooches. Along the lines of Hipster and BoHo, this design is for the discriminating bride--the bride that has an assertive style--that doesn't tend to paint by number. No cardboard cut outs here!

I think the biggest obstacle to going faux for your bridal bouquet is the difficulty in finding flowers that don't look like Woolworth's rejects. That's where my favorite artificial flower company comes in. A Floral is my number one destination for all things silk flowers.

Not only are the quality of the flowers PHENOM, they don't all come in the same shade and size. Just like in nature, not every peach rose is the same shade of peach. Besides getting your florals (and supplies here), there is always some kind of sale going on. Think Bed Bath & Beyond--where like everything is always 20% off!

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