K-Hip Hop Rappers You Should Know Part 1


1. Outsider


Outsider - Loner

Outsider - Octagon (Feat. 2Tak, Tymee, Bewhy, and Kuan)

2. Tymee

(formally known as E.via and Napper) We've already had Korea's fastest male rapper, well now it's time for Korea's fastest female rapper. Another artist where even if you don't like her music, you do have to appreciate how good she actually is ^^

Tymee - On the River


E.via (Tymee) - Crazy Fate (Feat. ISU of M.C the Max)

just so you can see how fast she actually is ^^

3. Taewoon


!!!Warning some explicit language!!! Taewoon - I've Got A Wing

!!!Warning some explicit language!!! Taewoon - Focus

4. Gilme

Not one of the most well known rappers in Korea, she is however, very talented, she raps and sings... and she's pretty ^^

Gilme - Success (Don't Kill My Vibe)


Clover - A Guy who I Know

from her collaberation group clover, its kind of a crazy MV but I love the song the two guys in the group with her are GL and Typhoon

Gilme -Love Is War (Feat. Outsider)

little bit old, but I still like it XD

5. M.C Mong

This guy has been around for a while, I only discovered him recently but I totally love his rapping ^^ some of his music is leaning slightly more towards pop, but he's still a rapper so I'll include him anyway :D

M.C Mong - E.R (Feat. the Channels)


M.C Mong - Indian Boy (Feat. A very young B.I from Ikon)


M.C Mong - Miss Me or Diss Me? (Feat. Jinsil)


M.C Mong - Be Strong (Feat. Ailee)


Well I hope you enjoyed this list, I'll have another five rappers for you very soon:)

Let me know what you think in the comments

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