K-Pop Artist of the Month: SPEED - Album Review: Blow SPEED


1.PAIN (통증)

2.Bang Bang

3.It’s Over Feat. Park Bo Yeong

4.That's My Fault Feat. Davichi

5.Luv Ya

6.Never Say Goodbye

7.I Do I Do Feat. The Seeya

8.All Day Long

9.It's Over (Only Speed)

1. Pain the Love of Heart

@jiggzy19 introduced me to this song, and my word I absolutely love it. Hip Hop/Pop Ballad perfection, and the choreo... can we just talk about how awesome it looks^^


you guys know how much I love me some of that fancy footwork :P

no but seriously I was very impressed by this ^^

2. Bang Bang

So I really enjoyed the rapping in this song. I also loved the beat, and I have been singing the chorus ever since I heard this :D The only thing I have left to say is why is this not on my iPod at this very moment


I seriously need to dance to this song

3. It's Over (Feat. Park Bo Yeong)

Okay first of this girls voice is amazing, second where can I get some of those light up gloves and glasses, and third who wants to try dancing with those on with me ^^ I mean seriously all I need to be perfectly happy right now, is a dark room, a group of friends, those gloves, and a good sound sytsem XD I also enjoyed the song quite a bit too :D

there is a drama version which is the second part of the "That's My Fault" Drama Version MV I cried... all I'm Saying

I'll put them both in order at the bottom of this card :)

4. That's My Fault (Feat. Kang Min Kyung of Davichi)

I've already reviewed this song, which depicts some of the tragedies of the Gwangju uprising.

There is a drama version but be prepared to cry, I Loved it but it is so sad, the song is sad also but still damn awesome.

5. Luv Ya

The perfect song to lighten the mood after the heavier theme behind the last two songs, probably my favorite song on the album so far ^^ I just love everything about this

6. Never Say Goodbye

I dare you not to like this song, even in the writing of this card, SPEED have moved up into equal first place in my list of favorite boy groups, Yes there are a lot of others in equal first with them, but still.

I love this song so much, perfect song for when I'm in a writing mood :D

7. I do I do (Feat. The Seeya)

Another great song to prove that in one song they can break your heart, and in another they can make you feel incredibly happy ^^ Loved everything about this, from start to finish just such a happy song, and Taewoons rap is totally daebak!!!

8. All Day Long

^^ the beat really got me when it first dropped into the song, and that flute was pretty unexpected, I really enjoyed that.@jiggzy19 you can expect to hear me sing this around the house from now on XD this song gets a 10/10 from me!

9. It's Over (Only SPEED version)

Technically the exact same song as before, except without the female voice... Honestly I didn't think I'd enjoy this as much without Park Bo Yeong, however I was wrong It was just as good, Perfect ending to a perfect album^^

"That's My Fault" and "It's Over" Drama versions

This story is seriously heartbreaking, I know it will take half an hour roughly to watch these ewo drama version mv's but it is totally worth it... You are going to want some tissues though T-T

I have come to the realisation that I never have anything bad to say about SPEED XD oh well I'm a total fanboy... sorry Fanman when it comes to them ^^

Full Credit to Core Contents Media for these Music Videos, and to the owners of the gifs ^^

I hope you all enjoyed this ^^


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