Shinee Super Awesome Comeback 2015

Hi Everyone So As you all know I am a huge fan of Shinee

So I decide to make this card just for Shinee to show How awesome is Shinee new album

I am a huge fan so I will just do this anyways because I was so excited and I am just lovin their new album sooo muchh Sorry guys it might be really long

but I am crazy enough to do that for My Shinee Boys Twice

twice my first attempt was deleted by vingle :(

so I am making it again

Shinee View Mv Eng Sub

Shinee (View) Live Performance

Shinee (Love Sick) Live Performance

Shinee (An Ode to u) Live Performance

Shinee Wins Music Bank

My favorite Hit Tracks from their new album

1)Shinee (Love Sick) Eng Sub

2)Alive (Eng Sub)

3)An Ode to you (Eng Sub)

4) Encore to love (Eng Sub)

5)Farewell my Love (Eng Sub)

I love all these song sooo much for their new album

all songs are great but these are just my favorites

Ask in A box with Shinee

this is alot of fun to watch I love these boys

Enjoy everyone

Forgive me if its too much

but fans do that haahas

all videos pics credit to its actual owners

Always Love Shinee

Fighting my boys Saranghhae

thankyou to Hittsubs for Subbing complete Shinee Album

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