May Make-up Haul Part 3

This is the last part on my birthmonth make-up haul. (^_^) (Sorry for the pic quality. I accidentally deleted the picture and I already throw away the boxes so I just screenshot it when I send a picture of it to my friend.) ♥BYS Vertical 18-piece Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Charm (swipe to the next picture for a better view of the palette, I've been using it since I bought it haha) ♥ Fashion 21 All-Day Matte Lipstick in Bronze ♥ Fashion 21 Color Mood Lipstick in Bad Apple ♥ Shawil Vogue Noble Lipstick in 06 ♥ Fashion 21 Two-Way Cake I told you guys I'm going to try more BYS products right? Their stall is sooo colorful that I really couldn't resist buying. Hahaha! I bought this palette because when I am swatching it at the mall, it is very pigmented and the colors are blendable to pull off natural makeup look to smokey eye makeup look. :D I love fashion 21! Maybe because it is an Asian brand and it really suits my skin. I've been using their products since I started college 4 years ago and still using it until now. :) I think Shawil a local brand here in the Philippines, or an Asian brand that I'm not familiar with. I just happen to pass by their brand because I bought an eyeshadow before and it is so creamy and pigmented! Its like HG product to me! But I didn't buy again because the packgaging breaks easily and as a result, the eyeshadow breaks on the palette and it is a big NO-NO for me. So I saw a beautiful pink-mauvish shade of lippy that I can use for everyday look, so I decided to buy it. (^×^) Want some full review of these items? Lemme know! :) What do you think on these products? Share your thoughts! :) Over and out!

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