8 Reasons to love Warm and Cozy

Watching the warm and cozy Jeju Island Gatsby has become one of the most enjoyable events. There are so many reasons to love the romantic comedy drama. Hopefully you have started on the show too. 8 reasons about why watching the show is such an enjoyable and romantic journey.

1. Location, Location, Location:

Just fly me there! Beautiful on-location shooting makes you feel that you're right there on Jeju Island, one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Korea and also a top favorite filming location for many romance dramas. Almost every outdoor scene is framed by the lovely natural scenery at Jeju Island.

2. Delightful food and atmosphere:

Part of the fun for travel is finding new places to sample interesting local fare. At Geon Woo's Warm and Cozy restaurant, you can find dishes made with the freshest seafood and ingredients, all blended perfectly by our nice and handsome chef.

3. Romance from resolving misunderstanding:

Our two leads form an unlikely couple. Geon Woo (Yoo Yun Suk) is a son from a wealthy family and doesn't really care if his restaurant is making money, and he is softhearted. Jung Jo (Kang So Ra) is a city girl who wants to make a fresh start. She is tough on the outside and vulnerable on the inside. We can't wait for these two to kindle their romance, especially if Geon Woo can ditch his selfish and self-centered first love.

4. Adorable local characters:

There are many colorful local characters such as the mayor with a secret modeling background, the lady divers with strong personalities, and a resident writer who blogs a little too much.

5. Double the romance, quadruple the fun!:

Geon Woo's older brother (Lee Sung Jae) is a strait-laced businessman, that is, until he is rescued by a mermaid who was actually a no-nonsense lady diver. He feels that she doesn't recognize him as the true "black pearl" prince that he is, and he has become so infatuated with her that the ensuing comical scenes are so bellyachingly hilarious.

6. So Ji Sub:

I bet a lot of viewers wish So Ji Sub could stay longer on the show. He made a short but impressive cameo appearance as a store owner. Handsome as ever, the cameo was full of special tributes to his popular The Master's Sun drama, including the theme song.

7. Sunrise:

This was my favorite scene in ep 2 where Geon Woo and Jung Joo finally made it to the best spot on the island to watch the sunrise. I don't think it was special effects when we saw the sun wake up and rise slowly in front of the couple who are about to embark on an unforgettable journey.

8. Warm and Easy Recipes:

Do you stop the episode when the ending credits roll? Don't do it! At the very end of each episode, our handsome local chef tells us how to cook a featured dish from the episode.

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