How Do You Flirt?

Everyone has their own flirting style, especially when it comes to first introductions, so what's yours? Are you the direct, confident type, or do you try to woo someone with your humor?

Believe it not, some styles of flirting are scientifically proven to more effective than other ways!! For real!!!

Wanna guess which style works best?

Here's your choices:

1. Direct introductions – a simple approach of self-introduction

2. Direct compliments – stating something favorable about someone

3. Humor attempts – using wit or other funny means to induce laughter

4. Cute-flippant lines – clichés or “cute” pickup lines

5. Third-party introduction – being introduced by someone else

Have your answer? Here's the correct answer:

#1: Third-Party Introductions!!

This makes sense to me. You are introduced through someone you both know, which means you somehow have something in common. Not only that, but you also may have some level of trust in the person introducing you, which means that you trust the other person more already, and are more likely to positively respond.

The opposite could be true, too, though: If you’re not too keen on your friend the matchmaker, you might assume the person you’re being introduced to is similarly annoying, quirky, etc, so be careful who you choose as your middle (wo)man!!!

annnnnd #2: Direct Introductions!

Upfront conversation is generally viewed as welcome. Don't play games and go for it!!

Side note: I recommend NOT trying did the worst! If you're not a naturally funny or casually funny person, this is seriously going to blow up in your face, so just don't do it!

For more ways not to flirt, see this video :P

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