3 Perfect Cheese Boards for Your Summer Soirées

These gorgeous hand-cut marble and mango wood cheese boards are DEFINITELY my next birthday present to me. With their clean lines, natural textures, and stunning geometric designs, these boards will spruce up any appetizer table.

There are 3 sizes available: small (15"), medium (19"), and large (28.5"). Although each size features a unique design, the three complement each other beautifully. See individual shots of the medium and large boards above.

These boards would make a stunning serving piece for fine cheeses, fruit, cocktail accoutrements, or fresh bread. When not in use, they'd look lovely displayed on a countertop, sideboard, or shelf.

Altogether, I am totally in love with these cheese boards. Because they're handmade and on the not-that-cheap side ($28 for the small, $38 for the medium, and $98 for the large), I would tend to use them more for serving and entertaining, rather than for everyday cutting board needs. My favorite overall is the medium – I'm seriously considering dropping the $38 to get it for my new apartment. What do you guys think? Worth it?

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