2015 swimsuit trends

The temperature is rising, which means it's almost time to break out those swimsuits and enjoy some time on the beach or by the pool. Even in a big city, you can lounge out in the sun and get your tan on. And as the cover ups come off, you want to be sure that you are styling in your swimsuit! Here are some top trends for swimsuits for summer 2K15.


One piece swimsuits are coming back in brighter and bolder prints! Great for curvy and slim women alike. The brighter the print, the better. Have fun with it!


This 1950s trend has come back in 2015. This trend is great for women with some curves and can create the illusion of more curves for all you slim women.


Covering up a little more seems to be trendy this summer. High-neck tops are very "in" right now and can provide great coverage with bustier women.


This trend was popular last year and seems to be coming back. It lets you add a little bit of flair to your swimsuit. This look is great for women with smaller busts as it creates an illusion of more up on top.


This is another trend that is back from last year. This trend is great for women with all different bust sizes. You can also look for swimsuits with varying fringe lengths to have a variety of fringe swimsuit tops.


This trend is great for women who need more support up top. The padding can keep you supported while also provided shape. There are also bustiers with push-up padding for women with smaller busts.

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