Lindsay Lohan Drinks, AGAIN

Cuz, that's what you do when you celebrate the fact that your seven years of probation are over: YOU DRINK! Which is what got Lilo in trouble to begin with...all those years ago.

The perpetually broke Mean Girls star has was spied downing this glass of Bordeaux next to "boyfriend," Mathia Milani. The quotes are because she's been linked to dozens of these "business men" type. This classy photo was taken of the duo in Venice. Apparently, her rolodex must be cramped because her non-stop globetrotting is paid for by these types. No one's too sure what these guys do. And no one really knows for how long the relationship lasts. Is it a couple hours? An overnight? Longer?

I'm assuming these are open relationships since the reason for being in Venice (to begin with) had nothing to do with Milani. Another business man paid for her travels and lodging regarding a murky relationship that involved boozing at a club.

I have a twin brother. We are noting alike. I am divorced. Long story. But eager to tie the knot all over again. Love cool stories and Netflix. Chai tea lover.
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