6 Free Workout Apps For Anyone Who Doesn’t Have the Time or Money For a Personal Trainer

Finding it difficult to drag yourself to the gym only to find that you don’t know how to operate half of the machines? Perhaps, you’re working paycheck to pay check, but you really want to impress your cute neighbor with a newly transformed body. Here are some free workout apps that are user friendly for anyone who may be on a strict budget and time frame.

1.Workout Trainer: iOS and Android users Multimedia workouts coached by expert personal trainers, step-by-step audio, photo/video instructions

2. MyFitnessPal: iOS and Android users Fastest and easiest calorie counter app, diet tool that’s effective, large food database

3. Fitocracy: iOS and Android users Tracks workout level, unlocks achievements, keeps users motivated on their workout journey

4. Strava Running & Cycling: iOS and Android users Shows accurate elapsed time during activities, tracks your runs and rides with GPS, compares your running/riding with friends

5. FitStar: iOS users Customized workouts added monthly, new moves and sessions to keep workouts fun, dynamic HD videos, tracks milestones and achievements

6. Runtastic Six Pack Abs: iOS and Android users

Customized core workouts, 50+ tutorial videos, adjustable difficulty, 10 week six pack plan

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