The leaked Supergirl trailer gives me high hopes for the season

I know a lot of people drew really negative comparisons to the trailer ans SNL's Black Widow parody, but I think those comparisons were really unfair.

The SNL parody was hilarious because the rom-com formula doesn't work for a character like Natasha Romanoff. But the girliness of Supergirl definitely suits Kara. She's always been a little insecure, trying to find her place in the superhero pantheon. And it also makes her stand out. Our media is saturated with gritty superhero stories, so this new series is clearly trying to offer something different. In terms of representation, I'm hopeful. The trailer featured a scene where an older female character (Kara's boss) defends the use of the word 'girl' instead of 'woman', which felt like a bit of a straw-man argumrnt to me. But the leaked pilot balanced this a little with Kara's sister. She's a normal human, but it looks like she's going to be just as kick-ass as Kara. And Mehcad Brooks as James/Jimmy means there's at least one major character of color among an otherwise white cast (the villain of the week was sporting a completely unnecessary and vageuly middle eastern accent, that was less than thrilling to see). I can't believe I have to wait six more months for the season to actually air. At the very least, this feels like DC's response to Agent Carter, and I hope both series will expand the scope of their representation.

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